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IT Consulting

  • Parexons is providing IT consulting from small to medium and large scale organizations. Share your business requirements with us or the problems that you are facing, we will be helping you with the most appropriate solution for your business. We not only suggest the solution but we will also work on providing this solution to you.

Business Consultancy

  • Establishing business in developing countries such as Pakistan can be challenging task but none the less a rewarding one. We are country of 180 Million people with great potential for growth and with many untapped market segments just waiting to be exploited. Therefore, it make sense for companies and investors to take advantage of this great opportunity and take

IT Outsourcing

  • Parexons IT Outsourcing services offer tremendous value to clients seeking to deploy highly trained professionals, readily available, to spearhead their projects with minimum investment and maximum efficiency. Most companies prefer hiring an ffshore team rather than employing 50 persons on site which increases the project cost,

IT Strategic Services

  • Parexons strategic services offerings are unique approach to help organisations see into the future and prepare them for achieving their long term objectives. We bring in many years of collective experience, industry best practices, well established frameworks and tested methodologies to the process to ensure your long term organisational objectives

IT Infrastructure Services

  • Businesses of today operate in very complex environment relying on variety of IT technologies and sophisticated IT infrastructure to support its business functions and processes. Enterprise IT maintenance and support has become very specialised and very resource intensive and for many organisations it has become very difficult to afford.