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  • Information technology have revolutionised almost all aspects of our societies and academia is no exception. We, at Parexons, believe technology has to play bigger role in the modernisation of our academic institutions. Academic organisations have to adapt to this new teaching and training paradigm; the online teaching, which can bring tremendous benefits and huge opportunities to the academic organisations and the communities. This will enable academic organisations to reach out to audience who for some reasons cannot afford to attend on-premise classes. Parexons Learning & Course Management System, Zaiwar, is designed to help academic organisations to deliver their courses and conduct exams in secure online environment. Zaiwar LMS is feature rich and customisable for all kind of online course delivery purposes but if you need further customisation then our team of experts can deliver it the way you want it. Moreover, Parexons can provide you with fully managed hosted solution for Zaiwar LMS, where you do not have to worry about maintenance, security, scalability and system administration tasks. Parexons provide you with options to avail traditional hosting solution or deploy it on the cloud for maximum scalability and resources efficiency. We can setup a demo account on our live system for you to give it try for free.